Erika and Andrew's Engagement

I had a wonderful time photographing Erika and Andrew for their engagement at El Matador State Beach. I can’t wait to photograph their wedding!

Eyer Family Portrait

I photographed the Eyer family at my home. Their baby Elle was just the cutest, happiest baby I have seen in a while. She was so much fun to shoot. When she looks at you, she is sooo stunning.



Decker Family Portrait

Last Sunday I went to Paramount Ranch to do a family portrait and found out that there was an event going on in the western town that I normally shoot at. So instead of rescheduling I found a new location to shoot at and I really like it. I hope you enjoy the Decker’s family portrait.

Valencia Family Portrait


The Valencia Family was so much fun to photograph. I took them down to El Matador State Beach north of Malibu for their portrait. The kids were super fun to capture, especially the little boy he was so candid.



Surfer Girl Alexa

Alexa is one of my favorite clients to shoot. She is so natural and strikingly beautiful. I was able to capture these stunning images at El Matador State Beach. It was an extremely windy day out, but it made the photo shoot.


Conwisar Portrait

Instead of shooting at the usual place I shoot at in Malibu I took the Conwisar family to El Matador Beach. It was a cloudy day out, but it gave the shoot a moody edge.



I shot Zoe’s portrait shoot at her family’s Malibu home. I was able to get some great shots of her on the beach and in her home.


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