Old Friend's

I photographed my very dear friend Chris and her son Matt and his girlfriend Brittany before she moved to Florida. If it was not for Chris, I may have never gotten into Photography. She helped me set up one of my first portraits. So thank you very much Chris and I hope you have a wonderful time in Florida!


Gaby + Jason

A Platinum Wedding

Gaby and Jason were such a pleasure to work with, they were one of the sweetest couples that I have photographed. I was lucky enough to photograph them on their special day. It was even more of a special day because Platinum Weddings were there filming their wedding, you will be able to see Gaby and Jason’s Wedding featured on an upcoming episode of Platinum Weddings in the Spring of 2010.  The festivities started out at the Presidential Suite at the Four Seasons in Westlake Village and moved to where the ceremony and reception were held at Sherwood Country Club. They had a very Shabby Chic Wedding. What I mean by that is they turned Sherwood’s reception hall into a completely white room. It was gorgeous!










Naficy Family Portrait



Below are some adorable shots of the Naficy family I took at Zuma Beach. I have been photographing the couple since their wedding. I have been lucky enough to see their beautiful family grow.